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NZIPP day 6 Workshop with Sue Bryce.

When NZIPP announced the key-note speakers for Infocus 2011 were The Bebbs and Sue Bryce I was so excited to be able to go and see the Bebbs finally as they are an amazing couple with a wealth of knowledge both marketing, business and image wise. On the other hand I thought to myself who is Sue Bryce! Being in what I will call my infant stage of Professional Photography I had no idea who Sue Bryce was, I didn’t even know she was a Kiwi. So I followed the link to her website and blog, whoaaaaa…………. time seemed to fly by and here I was an hour and a half later still looking at the images and reading the words from Sue Bryce. The way she has captured people and more so women looking absolutely beautiful was outstanding, to me she seemed to add that inner glow and you could see that those she captured had given Sue there all. I went from about to book The Bebbs masterclass to booking in to a Sue Bryce masterclass by the time I finally pulled myself away from her website. I thought if I can just get any little amount of wisdom from her to help me with my clients then that would be money well spent.

Tuesday afternoon and I walk into the Rotorua Convention Centre for what is to be 4 hours of drop jaw, non stop talking from Sue Bryce. It is almost too hard to put into words what it is that Sue has to offer and I am still thinking you had to be there to even get close to the experience that we all had. Here is a woman who knows she is a woman and boy O boy Sue is totally gorgeous and for me totally intimidating with it, but the way she spoke and all that she spoke about was just enlightening and refreshing as well. So much information to digest and bring to use in our own work space, not only with regards to images but to how to get the most from your clients and remind them how beautiful they are as being’s inside and out. All I can say is a Massive thanks to Sue Bryce for sharing with us and even more thanks to NZIPP for what has been the best seminar I have ever been to. I walked out of the convention centre buzzing.

Check out Sue Bryce Here www.suebryce.com or her blog here


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